Black Box Testing:

Black Box testing is done by the Test Engineers in which they are going to check functionality of the application according to the customer requirements.

In simple words it can be called as Testing.

Other definitions for testing are:

  • Checking the application with intention of finding defects or bugs in the application is known as Testing.
  • The process of testing application till it is stable or bug free or works according to requirements is known as Testing.

Types of Black box testing:

  1. Functional Testing
  2. Integration Testing
  3. System Testing

1. Functional Testing:

Checking each and every component of a module or modules of an application independently is known as Functional testing.

2. Integration Testing:

  • Checking the data flow between the modules or the interface between the modules is known as Integration Testing.
  • In Integration Testing we check if the data created in one module is reflected or transferred or shown in other respective modules.

3. System Testing:

  • Checking the end to end flow of an application is called System Testing.
  • In this we navigate through all the modules of an application and check the system as a whole.

These are the types of Black box testing.

Let us see about each type in detail in future posts.

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