Functional Testing:

Checking each and every component of a module or modules of an application independently is known as Functional Testing.

Terms used in functional Testing:

  • Maximum Test coverage: If testing is done for all positive and negative values the we say maximum test coverage ha been achieved.
  • Positive Testing: Testing forĀ  positive values or we can say testing the component with valid data is called Positive Testing.
  • Negative Testing: Testing for negative values or we can say testing the component with invalid data is called Negative Testing.
  • Over Testing: Testing similar type of values repeatedly is known as Over Testing.

Process for Functional Testing:

  • During functional testing always start with positive testing.
  • Once the positive testing is done continue with negative testing.
  • Do not perform over testing.
  • We should not make any assumptions, get them clear from the concerned person.
  • We stop testing when ever we feel that maximum test coverage is achieved ie., all positive and negative values are covered.


While testing one component the other components should be entered with positive values only.

Let us see abut Integration testing and it’s types in the next post….

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