Are you looking to learn Java Programming language online? or thinking how can i learn java programming language?
Then these tutorials for you. In These tutorials we cover java Programing language from basics.

In this post we will learn about Introduction To Java Programming Language which is very useful for those who want to start learning Java from Basic Course.

Java Introduction for Beginners

Java is a high level programming language, which was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Later Sun Microsystem was acquired by Oracle. It can run on various platforms like Windows, Mac OS, UNIX etc..  It is a high level, robust, secured and object oriented programming language. The latest version of Java Standard Edition at the time of writing this post is Java SE 9 (More latest versions and releases can be found in Oracle Website here In the latest versions like 8 and 9 Oracle added features like Lambda Expressions, Type Annotations, Repeating Annotations, etc.

What are the features of Java?

Some of the Basic and Important features of Java are:

  • Java is Platform Independent. Java can programs can be run on any platform.
  • Java is secured that means it enables us to develop virus free systems.
  • Java is object oriented language.
  • Java provides multithreaded feature which means it is possible to write programs that can perform many tasks simultaneously.
  • Java provides high performance with the use of Just in Time compiler (jit Compiler).
  • Java is a dynamic language in comparison to C or C++.
  • And finally it is simple and easy to learn.

Where Java is used?

Java is used everywhere. Well almost every where from Web, Mobile, OS, Embedded System, Real time software, Mining, Cloud computing, Cryptography, e.t.c. Let’s discuss about some of them in detail.

  • Web Applications – Many of the e-commerce websites are Java based applications and most of the government applications are built in Java.
  • Android Applications – In today’s time we all are using android phones and applications. They all are written in Java.
  • Big Data Technologies – Many of the big data technologies and Hadoop are also built in Java.
  • Software Tools – Java is also used to build many useful software and development tools like Netbeans IDE, Eclipse, etc.
  • Trading Applications – The third party trading application which is a part of financial services also use Java like Murex is a popular application.

We will see more about JDK , JVM and How to setup Java in next posts.