Software Testing

In this post we are going to see a small introduction about Software Testing.

Let’s start with introduction to Software Testing

Generally testing means checking any product like TV or computer or anything to make sure whether it is satisfying all it’s features before buying it. It is the general meaning of testing.

In the Software terms Testing means

Checking  the functionality of the application whether it is working according to the requirements or not.
Checking the application with an intention to find the bugs in the application.

Mainly, there are 2 types of testings in Software Testing.

1.Manual Testing:

Testing the application manually without using any tools is known as Manual Testing. Here tools are nothing but some soft-wares.

2. Automation Testing:

Testing the application with the help of some tools is known as Automation testing.

First we will see all the topics related to Manual Testing

  1. SDLC
  2. Models of SDLC (Waterfall Model, Spiral Model, Prototype Model, V&V Model and Hybrid Model)
  3. Types of Testing
  4. White Box Testing
  5. Black Box Testing
  6. Grey Box Testing
  7. Black Box Testing Types
  8. Functional Testing
  9. Integration Testing
  10. System Testing
  11. Parts of an Application
  12. Types of Applications and their architectures
  13. Why SQL is Needed in Testing?
  14. Buid process
  15. Smoke Testing
  16. Adhoc Testing
  17. User Acceptance Testing
  18. Test Documents
  19. Test Plan
  20. Test Scenarios
  21. Test Cases
  22. Test Case Review Process
  23. Test Case Repository
  24. RTM
  25. Test Execution
  26. Logging and Tracking Bugs
  27. Bug Life Cycle
  28. Test Execution Report
  29. Alpha Testing
  30. Beta Testing
  31. Usability Testing
  32. Exploratory Testing
  33. Compatibility Testing
  34. Regression Testing
  35. Performance Testing
  36. STLC
  37. Differences Between Verification and validation
  38. Differences between Static And dynamic testing
  39. Differences between QA and QC
  40. Differences between Functional and non functional testing
  41. Differences Between Smoke and sanity testing
  42. Agile Methodology

These are the topics that are most important in Manual Testing.  We will discuss them more detailed in next posts.

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