I would like to share real time Manual Testing interview Questions asked in for 1.5 years of experience…

1. what is the difference between smoke testing and sanity testing?

2. what are the different testing methodologies ?

3. Which methodology is used in your project?( I told agile methodology)

4. Tell me the entire process of agile methodology with block diagram?

5. What is integration testing? what are the types of integration testing?

6. How can you test a field which have the values [0-9]?

7. When testing process starts in your project?

8. What have you done in your testing career?

9. What is the most challenging thing in your testing career and how you achieved it?

10. Can we use group by without where condition?(sql question) If yes how can we do that? ans is by using having

11. How can you test an application on non functional requirements?

12. What are different non functional testing?

13. Which tool used to log and track the bugs? (QC)

14. What is RTM ? How will you prepare RTM in QC?

15. What is the Windows version using for your testing?

These are the questions asked in the Manual Testing interview….

Thank u…..