Once Integration testing is over we go for system testing.

System Testing:

Checking the end to end flow of the application is know as System Testing.

What is end to end flow?

Navigating through all the modules of an application is known as end to end flow.

In system testing we are going to navigate through all the modules and check the system as a whole.


1. In System testing testing environment is similar to production environment.

2. During system testing we need to wait for certain transactions to complete.


If we take gmail application the following are the scenarios for system testing.

1. Login to the application, check the inbox and logout.

2. Login to the gmail application, compose a mail and logout.

3. Login to the application, goto spam, delete all spam messages and logout.

These are some of the scenarios for gmail application for system testing.

Let us see about parts of an application in the next post…

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