Introduction to SQL using MYSQL | SQL Tutorials

SQl is the structured query language.

It is one of the language used for accessing databases.

A database is the collection of Tables.

A table consists of rows and columns.

The intersection of a row and a column is called a cell.

RDBMS is one type of database in which data is stored in the form of tables.

RDBMS means Relational Database Management System.

SQL is not case sensitive.

There are several database management systems like SQL Server, MYSQL,Oracle,Sybase,DB2 etc.

In these SQL tutorials I use MYSQL …..

Now lets start with the following topics:

1. Create database

2. List of all databases

3. Delete a database

4. Use a particular database

5. Rename Database

1. Create Database:

To create a database we use the following syntax.

Syntax: CREATE  DATABASE  databasename;

2. List of all databases:

To show the list of all databases use the following syntax.


3. Delete a database:

To delete a database use the following syntax:

Syntax: DROP  DATABASE  databasename;

4. Use a database:

To use a particular database use the following syntax.

syntax: USE databasename;

After this query what ever actions we perform on the database it will be reflected on this database.

5.Rename database:

To change the name of a database we can use the following syntax in MySQL.

syntax: RENAME DATABASE  oldname  TO  newname;

But this is not working in newer versions as they have removed this because renaming can cause loss of data. So to rename a database you should create new data base with the new name and load the database from old data base and delete the old DB

These are the operations that can be done on a database…….

Let us see the important topics in MySQL for Test Engineers in next post….








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