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CRS and SRS documents | Difference Between SRS and CRS (BRS and FS)

There are two types of Specifications in any Software Company.

They are:

  1. CRS or BRS
  2. SRS or FS


  • CRS is Customer Requirement Specification.
  • It is also called BRS(Business Requirement Specification)
  • It is a document which is given by the Customer and it is in Business Language.
  • It is a high level document.

2. SRS:

  • SRS is System Requirement Specification.
  • It is also called FS(Functional Specification).
  • It is an in detail document which describes each and every functionality of every module as well as components of the modules.

Note: CRS will be converted into SRS by the Business Analyst and is given to the Developers and Test Engineers.

Let us see in detail about V model in the next post…


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