To Interact with Databases, we need some way of communication, which Database can understand. For this purpose we have some SQL Commands or Statements defined like Select, Create, Delete, Commmit etc…

Based on these commands characteristics or behavior they are grouped into different categories. However, we will be using mostly below 3 categories to interact with Database in our day to day life.

There are mainly three types of SQL Statements?Commands available in Mysql. They are,

  1. Data Definition Statements
  2. Data Manipulation Statements
  3. Transaction Control Statements

Data Definition Language statements (DDL):

These statements are used to define the structure of the table or database.

Data Definition statements are Create, Alter, Drop, Truncate and Rename.

Data Manipulation Language Statements (DML):

These statements are used to change the data present in table but not the structure of the table.

Data Manipulation Statements are Select, Insert, Delete and Update.

Transaction Control Statements (TCL):

Any DML change on a table is not a permanent one. We need to save the DML changes in order to make it permanent. Transaction control statements manage changes made by DML statements.

The transaction control statements are commit, rollback and Save point.

As a Developer or tester we mostly use above statements. Apart from above 3 categories, we have some other categories also available for advanced users like Database Administration Statements , MySQL Utility Statements, Replication Statements  etc.. to name few.

You can find more details about SQL Statements and their syntax for MySQL server @ SQL Statement Syntax.

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