What is web based System or Application?

Any application which can be accessed through the URL is called web based application.

In the web-based application entire software is installed at the server. Users access the application from a browser using URL.

Architecture / Functions of web based application :


Web based application consists of Web server, Application server and Database server.

Web server contains all the pages like images, static HTMl files, JS etc

Application server contains the entire business logic written in Programs like Java and has been uploaded in jars, ears, wars etc.

Database server Contains entire data stored in the form of tables.

Advantages of Web based applications:

  1. Faster in access if the bandwidth is high
  2. security from data hacking and virus
  3. maintenance is easy
  4. Multiple users can access the a[application
  5. No installation is required
  6. end users resources are not utilize

Disadvantages of Web based applications :

  1. If the server goes down no one can access the application.