Types of White Box testing:

  1. Path Testing
  2. Conditional Testing
  3. Loop Testing
  4. Memory Testing
  5. Response Time

1. Path Testing:

  • It is done to know the flow of execution of the program.
  • It is also done to know the total number of paths.

2. Conditional Testing:

  • Here developers check if the written program is executed for both true and also false conditions.

3. Loop Testing:

  • Here developer checks if the written program is executed successfully for all the number of loops written in the program.
  • If the condition is satisfied in between then the program should stop and come out of the loop else it should execute for complete number of loops and then stop execution.

4. Memory Testing:

  • here developers identify the unused lines of code ie., unused variables and unused functions and remove them which ever is not required.
  • This is done with the help of some tools like Rational Purifier.

5. Response Time:

  • Here developer checks the execution time of the program with the help of some tools like Rational Quantifier.

These are the types of White Box Testing.

Let us see the black Box Testing in the next post….

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