As discussed in previous post Types Of Testing, there are 3 types of software testing and White Box testing is one of them. Now we will take a look closer on the white box testing.

White Box Testing

This type of testing is done by the Developers, once the coding is completed. In this they are going to check each and every line of code.

If developers do the white box testing manually several problems may arise.

  •  No accuracy will be maintained.
  • Tedious process.
  • Time consuming.

So developers never do white box testing manually. They write some unit test programs with the help of some tools like JUnit etc...

The main aim of unit test program to check every program written by the developer will work properly and gives desired output.

There are many Advantages of  writing unit test program with the help of tools. some of them  are

  1. Time saving since they can be executed in less time.
  2. Accuracy is maintained since tools do not skip testing any of the main program.
  3. Unit test programs can be reused when ever bug fixes are done by the developers.

By doing White box testing developers can reduce some amount of bugs before handing over the application to the test engineers.

This is the high level process of White box testing.

In White Box Testing, we have different types of Testing available. To Know more read the post about  White box Testing types